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Refinancing a mortgage doesn’t have to be complicated even though it might feel that way

A wisely and correctly refinanced mortgage can give you access to much needed funds without adversely affecting your repayments or the length of your loan.

We work for you. This means we help you refinance to get more money at the lowest possible cost over the long-run and so you’re better off. Our refinancing steps make the process easier, gives you more confidence and the power to create a brighter financial future.

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How we make a difference

Structured Refinancing to help you get ahead

Our Loan Planners specialise in creating and structuring loans that help all hard-working Aussies get ahead. Here’s why we do it better.

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We're a Mortgage Manager not a Broker.

That means we don't have to rely on retail loans. We can structure loans to help you get ahead.

And specialists in self-employed loans.

Our team has a vast knowledge of finance for a broad range of industries. We know the ins and outs that count.

We look at the big picture.

Your big picture. We look at your goals and your numbers and match the best financial tools to make them work for you.

We don't shirk from the tough stuff.

Whether your financial picture is complex, simple or there's a few challenges to iron out, we're fully on borad to help.

Refinancing to Improve Cashflow

As a tradie or being self-employed there are a variety of ways refinancing can help you free up cashflow, pay off your loan faster and reduce debt.

This isn’t just to do with finding the lowest loan rate. By looking at your full financial picture, our experienced Loan Specialists can work out how to get the best advantage.

Our experienced team have a wealth of knowledge about the best and easiest steps to refinancing your mortgage.

Get advice from an advisor 
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Take the stress away from refinancing in 4 simple steps


Initial Meeting

Tell us what you’re looking to achieve and help us get a good understanding of your financial picture.


Your Options

We’ll get to work on how we can help you refinance with optimal advantages for your situation and share the options with you.



We’ll help you complete any necessary paperwork and walk you through any supporting documents needed.


Smooth Sailing

Come out with the confidence of knowing you have the right loan, structured to take you one step closer to achieving your financial goals.

We often get asked:

  • will refinancing save me money?

  • can I lower my payments?

  • will I really be better off?

  • where do I start?

  • can refinancing help my credit?

Refinancing to relieve mortgage pressure

Sometimes life doesn’t go quite as planned. Rather than trying to squeeze out cash that just isn’t there, refinancing can be a viable option to cover life’s unexpected costs. A wisely and correctly refinanced mortgage can give you access to much needed funds without adversely affecting your repayments or the length of your loan.


Refinancing to consolidate debt at lower interest rates

Consolidating debt to lower your payable interest rate may sometimes be considered to take burdensome financial pressure off. At Tradies Finance, our specialised Loan Planners will help you create a manageable strategy, give you the support and tools to get ahead, regain control and create a brighter financial future.


How do I get the best refinance rates?

If you’re a tradie or are self-employed, the lowest rates may not save you dollars in the long-run. Rates are one factor in getting a better deal. While you’ll want to make sure you are getting the best finance rates possible, we can help you see what you’re really getting as well as what you might be missing out on. There are a range of ways we can help you get more money at less cost over the long run.


What will it cost to refinance?

Changing loans can attract a range of fees such as:

  • Stamp duty
  • Application fees
  • Document preparation
  • Settlement and legal fees
  • Valuation fees
  • Exit fees

We can help you find any hidden or confusing costs and help you understand if you’re really getting a better deal from refinancing. Speak to us so you can see all the options and get the most out of refinancing for your situation.


More Reasons Aussies Love Tradies Finance

We’ve been able to help hundreds of hard-working Aussies across Australia

Vicky M

We can’t speak more highly of the service we received from Tradies Finance. Our situation was incredibly difficult, both being small business owners, and Rod just worked so hard to make it happen. We have so much to look forward to because Tradies Finance gave us incredibly professional support and helped us achieve an amazing outcome for our family. Thanks so much guys, we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Clare H

I have been using Tradies Finance for approximately 15 years and will continue to do so. They are a professional, helpful and caring team, helping people on a personal level to achieve their dreams.

Loretta H

There is no way I could have managed the stress of organizing all the finances to purchase my apartment without Tradies Finance. Rod, with all his years of experience, made the process so easy and couldn’t have been more helpful and all done in a friendly, relaxed way.I would highly recommend Tradies Finance and wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.