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Unlock steady returns and reliable cashflow from rental yields of 8-20% p/a* with Tradies Finance exclusive NDIS SDA Investment Loans.

Are you a property investor looking to tap into ethical investing through the thriving market of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS SDA) properties in Australia?


Imagine a strategic approach to funding your NDIS SDA property investment that not only provides you with the necessary funding but also offers tailored solutions to match your investment goals. Partnering with a trusted mortgage manager can make all the difference by opening the door to a realm of benefits that extend beyond traditional financing avenues.

Tradies Finance has crafted exclusive NDIS SDA Loan solutions to help you invest in a purpose-built SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) compliant property under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

From flexible loan structures designed to suit your unique investment strategy to expert insights into the NDIS SDA property landscape, our approach empowers you to seize opportunities in a rapidly growing sector while optimising your financial outcomes.

*All calculations are based on individual circumstances – your savings may vary. Consult with our loan specialists to get an accurate calculation of your savings.

Exclusive NDIS loans for investors and owner occupiers

Loan Features and Benefits Eligibility Requirements
Loan Features and Benefits / Eligibility Requirements
Owner occupier rates from 6.15% Australian Citizen or Permanent/ Temporary Resident with corresponding VISA living and working in Australia
Purpose Built SDA Compliant Property PAYG and Self Employed OK- Documented evidence of Income over 2 years
We consider the full NDIS SDA Rental rather than Market Rent Clean Credit- No blemishes, no defaults, no previous bankruptcy
Maximum Loan Amount:
$2,500,000 (Construction)
$1,500,000 (Established)
Self employed minimum 24 months ABN- Tax returns must show evidence of profit for both Business and individual for the last 2 completed financial years.
Tailored service & free comprehensive comparison analysis Minimum 12 months employment- Casual, Full Time, Part Time, Contract OK
Loans up to 90% with 100% offset 25 year Principle and Interest Loans
We will lend against the Full Purchase price using Commercial Valuations Established or Construction

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Get More with a Tradies Finance NDIS Investment Loan

Harness the power of purposeful investing with our exclusive NDIS Investment Loans, offering investors the opportunities for social impact and financial prosperity.

Low Interest

High Returns

Enjoy long-term rental income stability and rental yields of 8% – 20%* p.a.

Featured Pack Loans

Featured Packed Loans

Our loans offer comprehensive benefits, including online access, early repayment options, and a 100% offset feature.

Tailored Service

Tailored Service & Expertise

Free Comprehensive Personalised Analysis Assess your borrowing capacity and create the best structure at the best rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a NDIS SDA property loan?

    A NDIS SDA property loan is a type of mortgage used to purchase or invest in properties designed for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

  • Who can apply for a NDIS SDA property loan?

    Typically, property investors, developers, or organizations that provide accommodation for people with disabilities can apply for NDIS SDA property loans. Tradies also have a unique product that allows SMSF Trustees to apply for an NDIS construction property loan. (Certain conditions apply for this type of loan)

  • What is the purpose of SDA properties under the NDIS?

    SDA properties aim to provide high-quality, accessible housing for individuals with significant disabilities who require specialized accommodation and support services.

  • How do interest rates for NDIS SDA property loans compare to regular mortgages?

    Interest rates for NDIS SDA property loans may vary but could be slightly higher than standard home loan rates due to the specialized nature of the properties and the associated support services. However, at Tradies Finance we are proud to say we do not differentiate between NDIS investment property loans, and standard investment property loans.

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