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Tradies Finance’s Mortgage Smasher can help you experience the elation of crushing your mortgage ahead of schedule.

By structuring your mortgage to take advantage of lower owner-occupied home loan rates, you can significantly reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan. This smart strategy allows you to repay your home loan faster, freeing up your resources for other life expenses, your goals and dreams.

Mortgage Smasher

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  • Learn how much you can save in $$ and time to pay down your mortgage faster
  • Compare the best loans to see how you can maximise financial gains & flexibility
  • Get clear on investment strategies to help you achieve your financial goals faster
  • Analysis of your current loan structure and borrowing capacity compared against new loans
  • Stress-free refinance that can save $$$ thousands off your current rates

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How we work with you to make sure you have the best loan and structure for your financial goals.

Effortless Refinancing Excellence with Our Seamless Process

Initial Consultation We start by understanding your current financial situation, loan structure, reasons for refinancing, and your specific goals.
Financial Analysis We conduct a financial analysis to ascertain your borrowing capacity and eligibility for loan choices.
Property Valuation For existing property refinancing, we may organise a valuation to determine current market value, as this influences the loan amount you can access. Existing Loan Analysis: Examine your current mortgage terms, interest rates, repayment schedule, and fees, to establish a benchmark for evaluating new loan options.
Loan Comparison Leverage expertise to research and contrast loan products from diverse lenders, assessing interest rates, features, fees, and flexibility.
Tailored Loan Options Present loan alternatives aligning with your goals and financial status, outlining advantages and drawbacks in addressing refinancing requirements.
Personalised Recommendations Refine options based on your input, explaining their financial impact and alignment with short and long-term objectives.
Application Process Guide you through application, preparing and submitting documents, ensuring a smooth transition to the new loan.
Review and Approval Keep you updated on application status, addressing lender inquiries, and additional requirements during the process.
Settlement Coordinate the transition from old to new loan post-approval, ensuring seamless settlement proceedings. Throughout this process, we act as your advocate and guide, while using our expertise to find the most suitable refinancing solution for your needs.

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More ways to help you save money or build wealth

Mortgage Smasher
Stress-free refinance that can save $$ off your current Home Loan Interest

Tradies Finance Mortgage Smasher

Get started with a free comparative analysis - learn how you can save $$ & pay your mortgage off faster!

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Reduced Rates starting from as low as 6.94%*

Low Rate SMSF Property Loans

Potentially save thousands of dollars through our specialised SMSF loan program for new & existing loans.

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Rental yields of up to 8-20% anually*

NDIS Property Loans to 90%

Unlock steady returns & reliable cashflow from rental yields of up to 8-20% p.a.* with our exclusive NDIS loans.

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