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SPECIFIC home loan tax advice for self employed

Self-employed? Sole trader? Family trust? Home loan in a company or business name? 

All of these structures have implications for your home loan type and specifically for the impact on your tax. Contact Tradies Finance for accurate, reliable and easy to follow tax advice for self employed people and other business structures.

I am self employed but I do not have my financials up to date, can I still borrow for a home?

For one reason or another, self employment often means that you cannot or do not want to provide financials to a lender. At Tradies Finance we have packages that cater specifically for the self employed. We understand that even though you cannot provide the documentary proof of your income you may still be able to comfortably afford a loan.

Take advantage of GST

We also tailor packages to take advantage of GST to reduce your home loan debt and manage the impact of sometimes unreliable cash flow. Our specialist Loan Planners help you assemble a strategy to optimise your home loan’s value as a business tool that is as important as any you carry in your toolbox.

A helping hand as you get started

If you are looking to go into business for yourself and need to look at ways to help fund the purchase or running of a business we can help with that too. As well as our tax advice for self employed people, we look to put together packages that are functional and do not attract the unreasonable fees so often associated with business finance. We will also work alongside your accountant or financial planner to ensure that your loan is structured in the most tax effective way for your situation.

Tax tips for tradies

As a tradie you need to know about all of the tax tips that affect the self-employed. These include: ABN and GST registration, record keeping, invoicing and deductions. There are also a few tax tips specifically for tradespeople – around deductions for tools, gear, travel and equipment.