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There’s more to consider with Investment Loans

That means there’s more to lose or more to gain depending on how your loan is structured

Property Investment Loans usually have:

Stricter lending criteria and application process

Greater fees, interest and penalty rates

A variety of loan types to choose from.

Many lenders also think that if you’re self-employed you pose a greater risk of default and determine how your business will look in the future on your past financials. These judgements can influence the type of loan, repayments and fees you become eligible for.

How we make a difference

Property Investment Loans that help you get ahead

Our Loan Planners specialise in creating and structuring loans that help all hard-working Aussies get ahead. Here’s why we do it better.

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We're a Mortgage Manager Not a Broker.

That means we don't have to rely on retail loans. We can structure loans to help you get ahead.

And specialists in self-employed loans.

Our team has a vast knowledge of finance for a broad range of industries. We know the ins and outs that count.

We look at the big picture.

Your big picture. We look at your goals and your numbers and match the best financial tools to make them work for you.

We don't shirk from the tough stuff.

Whether your financial picture is complex, simple or there's a few challenges to iron out, we're fully on borad to help.

Getting the best loan structure means getting clear on your financial picture and creating a strategy

You want the loan that will work hardest for you. That means looking at all the factors that will increase the benefits, lower the restrictions and risk and help you to:

realise a capital gain

offset taxes, claim expenses and depreciation

create passive income

build equity and wealth for the future

There is a lot to consider

Start a conversation with us. we know the ins and outs of property investment loans, especially if you are a sole trader, Tradie or self-employed.

Tradies Finance

Set up your property investment loan in 4 simple steps


Initial Meeting

Tell us what you’re looking to achieve and help us get a good understanding of your financial picture.


Your Options

We’ll get to work on how we can create the best investment loan structured to your advantage and share the options with you.



We’ll help you complete any necessary paperwork and walk you through any supporting documents needed.


Smooth Sailing

Come out with the confidence of knowing you have the right loan, structured to take you one step closer to achieving your financial goals.

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