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Being self-employed, your business, finances and lifestyle are unique when it comes to loans

Banks are major lenders – there is no doubt about that. But they sell products aimed at the mass market.

These don’t consider adding in the advantages uniquely available to tradies, self-employed and sole traders. Worse, because self-employed are considered high risk, loans are often harder to get and come with higher interest, fees and restrictions.

Well, we just don’t think that’s good enough.

That’s why we created Tradies Finance. We help self-employed people including tradies, and sole traders not only get a fair deal, but the best deal we can get – by uniquely structuring loans for each person’s situation.

You’re better off with Tradies Finance

How do we do it you ask?

Tradies Finance is a Specialist Lender. This means we don’t have to rely on retail loan products made for the masses and can disadvantage you especially if you’re a tradie or self-employed. We can structure loans that help you take advantage of the right financial tools so you’re better off now and in the future.

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About Us
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The self-employed finance experts

With our years of experience in finance, we promise a service that will help you achieve your financial goals and be better off because we can provide opportunities that other lenders don’t.

We’re passionate about helping people. That means simplifying the complicated so you can make confident decisions, and have more control of your money. It also means going the extra mile, because sometimes we have to dig really deep to find the best solution for you!

What if I’m not a Tradie or self-employed?

That’s ok, we can help you too! If you want tailored loan options that suit your personal financial situation and goals, you’ve come to the right place.

Rod Stelling

Rod Stelling

Managing Director

As director of the company, Rod brings over 19-years of experience in the mortgage industry with accreditations in Financial Services & Mortgage Broking, a Diploma of Finance, and Mortgage Broking Management. Rod values family and has a community-orientated mindset as shown through his support of several local sporting clubs.

Ross (Rosco) Laurenson

National Distribution Manager

Responsible for fast-tracking the national growth of Tradies Finance, Rosco brings with him well over 40 years of experience in the Finance Industry. Having started in the motor finance area Rosco moved to Mortgages in 1995 where he has been ever since. Having owned and run a number of very successful mortgage businesses in his own right, Rosco always had a passion for helping his clients get ahead. Rosco has also worked in the aggregation side of the industry where he built the passion for training people to become successful finance professionals.

Donna Manning

Donna Manning

Administration Manager

Donna has been with Tradies Finance for over 15 years. Her strong customer service focus helps our customers feel supported and know that their needs are being looked after. With lots of practical experience and a track-record of impressive results, paired with her love for the Melbourne-community, Donna will become a great asset in supporting your financial needs.

Tony Cicco

Credit Manager

Having been in the industry since 1984, over this time Tony has been a Senior Underwriter for Mortgage Insurers, a BDM for Mortgage Managers and some of the major lenders. He has worked alongside developers and investor groups assisting with finance, loan structure and strategy. For the last 4 years, he has been the lending manager at a financial planning group helping their members with finance and re-structure advice to set them up for a better retirement. Tony brings both mortgage credit and sales expertise to the role with the outlook that every application submitted counts.

David Cordy

David Cordy

Senior Loan Planner

As a Senior Loan Planner David brings over 40-years experience and holds accreditation in Financial Services, a Diploma of Finance Management. David brings leading expertise in mortgage lending and commercial finance with extensive knowledge of various business sectors, industries and self-employed SMEs.

George Gyoerffy

George Gyoerffy

Reverse Mortgage Expert

Heading up our Frankston office, George brings years of experience as a leader in the mortgage industry, and in professional services management with qualifications in Reverse Mortgages. George provides our customers with rounded expertise to assist in both business and personal financial goals. George’s expertise has particularly helped our senior customers responsibly use the equity in their homes for a better quality of life.

Damien Holt

Tech Support, Loan Planner and SMSF Specialist

Damien is our resident SMSF specialist and also provides tech support on the Tradies Systems.

Damien has a varied background as a small business owner and engineer. His attention to detail is extraordinary, and he is very process-driven. Just the traits you need for someone working in the SMSF space.

Damien is also very skilled in Martial Arts, so he is not someone to annoy.