TOP 20 QUESTIONS for first home buyers

In today’s marketplace, with so many loan products and choices, it is easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed by the vast array of decisions to be made in order to get it right.

For first home buyers, this can lead to confusion and may ultimately result in either getting exploited or even losing the opportunity to buy your first home.

We do things differently at Tradies Finance. 

Contact us and we will help you get clear about 20 questions we believe you will want to know the answers to:

   1. How do I know if I am eligible for the First Home Owner’s Grant or Stamp Duty Concession?
   2. What is the Stamp Duty Concession?
   3. What does all the terminology mean?
   4. What is Stamp Duty?
   5. Is buying a new home the same as an established one?
   6. If buying a new home, does it have a statutory warranty and builder’s warranty?
   7. When should I get a building inspection?
   8. What is Strata Title?
   9. Can I use my rent payments to show my ability to afford our home loan?
  10. What is a section 32?
  11. Is my deposit fully refundable if I change my mind about buying this home?
  12. How do I best deal with the Vendor’s (seller’s) agent?
  13. How much can we borrow for a home loan?
  14. What is Pre-Approval?
  15. How much deposit do I need?
  16. What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and do I have to pay it?
  17. What additional or hidden costs are involved?
  18. How much of my income can I afford to invest in my first home?
  19. What if I can’t buy now?
  20. How can I find out what my credit rating is?

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Top 20 Questions for First Home Buyers

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