STEPS to refinancing a mortgage

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experienced Loan Planners have a wealth of knowledge about the best and easiest steps to refinancing a mortgage.

Refinancing at the lowest possible cost. Because we work for you – not for the lenders.

Reasons to refinance

Been scouring the family budget - trying to find a bit of extra leeway? Is a pending home repair going to set you back? Maybe you simply need more room in your family home. Or you're wanting to help your growing kids out as they launch into their own lives and careers.

Life is full of unexpected curve balls - some good, some bad. And sometimes they mean you just need a bit of extra financial stretch. if this sounds familiar - don't panic!

Steps to refinancing a mortgage

Our refinancing steps are designed to make life easy for you. We’re on your side and we want the process to be as smooth as possible. There are some things we will need from you. But we see it as our job to know all the ins and outs, so all you have to do is follow our easy step by step guide:

Step 1
Talk to us about why you are looking at refinancing. This way we can make sure that it is the best option for the financial goal you are trying to achieve.

Step 2
We complete a Fact Find with you to get all of your current loan details along with other elements of your financial situation such as: assets, liabilities, debts, incomings and outgoings.

Step 3
Tradies Finance takes your information and completes comprehensive research into the lending market place. This is to ascertain whether refinancing with your current lender or an alternative lender is the best option for you.

Step 4
We make our recommendation, get your approval and get started on the application.

Step 5
We assist you with all application forms and any other documentation you are required to provide. This includes documentation from the lending institution such as: Letter of Offer and settlement documents.

Step 6
Your refinanced loan is in place. And this is when we see our relationship with you start to flourish. We will work with you to help you pay your loan off as quickly as possible and give you advice about any future financial goals and decisions.

Easing the strain

Rather than trying squeeze cash out that isn't there, refinancing is a viable option for you to cover these - or any number - of life's unexpected costs.

This is where your mortgage can act as a great asset. Refinanced wisely and correctly it can give you access to needed funds without adversely affecting your repayments and/or the length of the loan.

If reading this has helped you breathe a sigh of relief, contact a Tradies Finance Loan Planner to talk about how refinancing can work for you.


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