IS IT POSSIBLE to consolidate with lower interest?

A primary reason you might want to consolidate your debt would be to lower your overall payable interest rate.

An important thing to look at when thinking about consolidating debt is what got you to the point you are at right now.

Too many times people are encouraged to put all their debt together, which may reduce repayments, but will this on its own be enough to fix the problem?

When extra spending gets out of hand

Does “Got to get the kids a good Christmas present!” sound familiar? How about “Better get my partner something worthwhile or I’m in trouble!”?

This extra spending (particularly at Christmas time) happens to most people each year. The issue is you have to pay it back and it can become a great strain when the mortgage payments, car payments, credit & store card and personal loan payments don’t stop coming each month like clockwork.

Create a consolidation strategy that works for you

At Tradies Finance our specialised Loan Planners don’t just help reduce your current commitments; they also help you create a strategy so this never happens again.

We put together a home loan package that meets the immediate need of taking the pressure off, and give you the support and tools to better manage in future.

Our skilled Loan Planners and excellent loan products help to turn what can be one of the largest household burdens into a powerful financial tool for creating a very secure future.

What about business loans?

Absolutely. Whether the loans are for your premises, vehicle, tools or equipment our Loan Planners can help you consolidate your debt. Make sure the money you are making in your business is making a profit for you, not just paying off debt.


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