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If you are looking for the best home loans Melbourne has to offer, Tradies Finance will be able to help you.
Tradies Finance understand what self employed people need.Our home loan process takes into account your business, lifestyle and finances.
We talk your language and we listen to what you want. For home loans that won't bamboozle you with financial babble - it's Tradies Finance.

With years of expertise and knowledge of every home loan available we are sure to find the loan you need.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is one of the biggest things you'll ever do.


Types of Loans

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Read our First Home Buyers Checklist  so you have a heads up on everything involved.

Tradies Finance Loan Planners are friendly and down to earth. There is no question too small or strange. Call or email us to get accurate advice and great assistance - whatever home loan type you need.

Next family home

Growing family? Change in lifestyle? There are tips and techniques for buying your second family home that can save you money, time and stress. Let a Tradies Finance Loan Planner do the hard yards so this move goes smoothly.

MutliFlex home loan

Finances an issue? Take control with the MultiFlex Home Loan one of the only fully featured fixed rate loans available today with a full 100% offset account attached. And check out the interest rate!

Investment properties

Do you have an investment property and want to make sure your loan is structured right?

Read our list of basic investment loan types to find out what else is out there.

And please Contact us  if you are thinking of investing. There are many more investment loan options available and at Tradies Finance we help you structure a loan that is just right for your financial, personal and business circumstances.

Remember - the tax deductions available for investment properties can tie in with your existing business and tax structures. So find out the smartest way to structure your investment property loan.

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