MEND YOUR FINANCES with a MulitFlex home loan

At TradiesFinance we understand that it might seem like there are no longer any alternatives for home lending and that everyone seems to be dishing up the same stuff just with different labels. We have been working hard to find ways to help our clients get more flexibility when it comes to their home loan.

The result of this work is the MulitFlex home loan.

The MulitFlex Home Loan is one of the only fully featured fixed rate loans available today with a full 100% offset account attached.

Take back control of your financial situation

Retaliate against financial uncertainty with the innovative MulitFlex Home Loan from Tradies Finance. The MulitFlex home loan puts you back in control of your finances, online 24/7. And because it is fully featured and completely flexible, you can mix and match the alternatives to suit your needs precisely.

Knock years off your home loan

The MulitFlex home loan lets you pay off your home loan faster and save on interest. By simply depositing all your income from any source into your offset account you can reduce the amount of interest payable on your home loan. You can then pay your regular bills and living expenses with the VISA debit card which is attached.

Sophisticated online access

Manage just about every aspect of your loan online, including statements, redraws, bill payments, credit card payments and more at our easy to navigate online account access portal.

Check out the bells and whistles

  • Take out a MulitFlex loan for up to $750,000 and 30 years
  • Opt for an interest free loan for up to 10 years.
  • Borrow up to 80% of your property value with no mortgage insurance to pay
  • No ongoing annual or monthly package fees with the Recovery home loan.
  • And of course the loan comes with our superior loan management system, iControl, completely free of charge.
To see how much a MulitFlex home loan can save you call us on 1300 556 840 .


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