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Read more here about the First Home Owner Grant scheme and find out exactly how much assistance you are eligible for. You may be surprised!

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And check out the Top 20 Questions we believe you will want answers to before securing your Home Loan.

Our qualified Loan Planners will help guide you through the steps of first time home buyer loans to ensure you make the right decisions. We will invest the time to help you understand the implications of different rates, fees and conditions associated with your loan. We figure you should know these things up-front, so you fully understand how to use your home loan to best advantage.

What to do now?

Have you found your first home, and would you like to apply for a loan?

We can help you find the most appropriate loan to suit your needs. Would you like to establish your budget before you start looking for a home? We can assist you in calculating your borrowing power and arranging the right loan to suit your needs.

Choose the loan that is right for you

Please remember that having a loan best suited to your needs is just as important as choosing your dream house.

You could save thousands in interest, fees and charges with the right loan. Your Tradies Finance Loan Planner  will make sure you have access to the best range of first time home buyer loans on the market.

Why choose Tradies Finance?

Convenient: We can be contacted anytime to meet you. Our aim is to make finance as simple and achievable as possible.

Credibility and Trust: Tradies Finance prides itself on being Australia’s number one finance service for tradespeople. It’s our field of expertise and we know it inside out. We have established ourselves as a most trusted firm and have built a reputation for delivering superior customer service and fully-tailored mortgage solutions.

Full Service Mortgage Managers: Obtaining a home loan is certainly about getting the right deal and we work always to achieve the best outcome for every client. Our full service structure means we arrange the loan for you and provide total loan management services for any issue arising throughout the entire life of the loan.


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First Home Buyers Checklist

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