HOW MUCH can I borrow for a mortgage? What about a deposit?

Good question! Not everyone is aware that it is possible to borrow money for deposits. Deposit bonds are a great option for anyone without immediate access to sums for cash deposits.

Deposit Bonds are suitable for individuals or businesses, including first homebuyers, and homeowners wishing to purchase additional property.

What is a deposit bond?

Deposit Bonds are a guarantee used in lieu of a cash deposit for the purchase of a residential property, providing the borrower with the ability to delay payment of the deposit until settlement. Deposit Bonds are available for amounts between 5% and 10% of the purchase price of the property.

What timeframes are available?

Less than 6 months – Our short-term guarantee is valid for up to 6 months and suitable for purchasers expecting to settle within a 6 month time frame, including those purchasing at auctions.

Greater than 6 months – The long-term guarantee (6 to 48 months) is suitable for those buying properties with long settlements like off-the-plan developments.

How can Deposit Bonds benefit you?

Invested funds – You are planning to purchase a new home, however your deposit is tied up in investments. Deposit Bonds are an attractive option, as they allow you to delay payment of a cash deposit until the property settles, alleviating the need to immediately liquidate your funds, and enabling any investments to continue earning interest until settlement.

Purchasing at auction – Prior to an auction it is important to have your deposit ready in the hope of a successful purchase. Deposit Bonds remove the inconvenience of rearranging finances in time for an auction, ensuring you don’t miss the opportunity of securing the property. A Deposit Bond guarantee can be taken to numerous auctions and is simply handed over to the vendor once you are successful.

Buying and selling – You have sold your home and while awaiting settlement, have found your next purchase. Deposit Bonds allow you to secure your new home without having to wait for funds from the sale of your existing property.

Why choose Deposit Bonds

  • Cost Effective – Compares favourably to the cost of using cash savings, bank guarantees or lines of credit.
  • Flexible – Available for terms up to 48 months.
  • Fast Approval – Quick and easy to arrange, with a simple application process and prompt approval.


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