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The managing Director here is also a parent of a child who is a member of the club. So this alliance is a lot more than just a commercial one.

Even though we specialise in helping Tradies, we can provide personalized finance solutions to suit just about anyone. You can also rest assured that your private financial and personal information will stay just that.

There is so much going on in the Home Loan market at the moment that it would be expected for people to become quite confused. In fact that is quite often what the big boys want as it means people end up staying put. This means more often than not the BIG 4 banks tend to win.

There are a lot of new products and discounts available so why not give us a call and see if we can help make things clearer for you. We also have access to some unique investment property opportunities for our clients as well. If you decide we can help it might just raise some funds for the club at the same time.

HOME LOANS  Do self employed home loans feel out of reach?

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Do you ever feel like the banks want to punish you for being self employed?
Feel like you have to do ten times as much paperwork as anyone else?
Worried about what will happen to your home and business if times get tight?
Not sure how to structure your loan right to minimize tax?
Applying for home loans or any kind of finance when you are self employed can be a real struggle.

What would you say to self employed home loans tailored specifically for you? 

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a home loan and we know the bottom-line is getting the right deal for your total needs without hoop-jumping or being pushed into a "one-size fits all" box.

Tradies Finance is all about helping self employed people like you get the best loan, at the best rate and in the best structure that suits YOUR business, YOUR needs, YOUR life.

And we think you'll be thrilled at what is possible with self employed home loans. We help you structure things so you can:
  • minimise tax
  • increase cash flow
  • reduce personal debt
  • save thousands of dollars in interest
  • keep more money in your pocket
  • pay your loan off faster
  • have flexible loan structure that suits you
These are NOT off the shelf products. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to self employed home loans.

Self employed home loans don’t have to be hard to get. And they can help you and your family move ahead financially. Contact us now to find out how.

Start with your home loan and let us help you grow from there 

Your long term financial planning starts with your home. But you are probably already thinking about how else to secure your family’s future.

Investing in property is a great option.

Learn all about how to raise capital, build an investment portfolio and structure your finances to build long term wealth.

And yes, you can do all of this while you are self employed.


What does the First Home Buyers grant give me?

Which Home Loan will best suit me?

How will refinancing benefit me?

Tax benefits for self employed

What are the best loans for property investment?

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