DO YOU NEED bad credit repair advice?

Too many credit or store cards?
Too easy to spend money?
Are you wondering how you got into trouble with your finances?
We all have times when things get on top of us. Whether it’s an unpaid debt from years ago, or too many loan repayments making life hell.

There’s no point beating yourself up about these times. But it is important that you do something about it. Tradies Finance is here to help with our practical and non-judgmental range of bad credit repair advice.

A return to control

Credit has been so easy to get over the last few years. Your letterbox is constantly bombarded with offers of “sign here and we’ll send you the card” or “sign here and you’ll instantly qualify for our offer”.

It’s just too simple to do

Yet the repercussions of your spending habits can land you in a lot of financial difficulties.

By going to school we are all taught how to make money by getting the skills we need to get a job. And we all work out very rapidly for ourselves how to spend our money. But so many of us have never had anyone illustrate for us how to manage and therefore save money.

Rebuild your credit record

Although most people see blips on your credit history as problems, we don’t. Our Specialised Loan Planners look to put together a strategy to first of all address the immediate issues at hand. We then work with you to rebuild your credit record and return to you the power of having control over your financial future.


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